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Hand Crafted Sound

All of our products are made from the finest Forrest Stewardship Council certified birch available. Accompanied by the finest quality machined aluminium and/or brass fittings.

Each product is expertly crafted, cured and tested for up to 30 days, all right here in Australia.

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Made For Large Spaces

Each Alderwood product has been designed, developed and manufactured at Alderwood Manor, a 300 sqm venue in our 113 year old premises. Once an old picture theatre, it is now our testing ground for cinema, live sound and commercial venue speaker use. Here we push the boundary of what small speakers can achieve. 
Our 30x10 meter theatre comfortably seats 75 for cinema/live music events and product demos. A great way to experience not only the clarity of an Alderwood system, but also the power of our products. Signup to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events or use the contact us page to book a demo.  


Using cnc technology we precisely machine timber to provide maximum cabient volume, maximum strength and minimum weight. 

Our vented subwoofers feature our proprietary symmetrical porting systems, designed to provide high velocity laminar airflow and symmetrical damping. Supporting the drivers to maintain linear voice coil travel at the highest output levels, 

Efficient Design


The best speakers I've ever heard. 

Moose Marine

Absolutely love my Sirius access to music has grown exponentially and I am one very happy music lover!

Leanne McQuinn

The Alderwood speaker systems are the most powerful and detailed systems in today’s market. The attention to sonic detail is amazing. I have never used a system so small that has the same dynamic response and SPL. As Molly once said Do yourself a favour!

John Barker (Sound Engineer)
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Public Address


Heritage Buildings

Home Cinema

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Daniel Champagne Live at Alderwood Manor

Pegasus system used for live Opera