Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System
Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System
Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System
Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System
Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System
Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System
Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System

Pegasus Pro - Portable PA System

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With our renowned 16-ohm Hydra system on top, plus our modified Atlas Pro for directional bass, you won’t find another PA so clear – or so compact.

Pegasus Pro PA Features

Distinct, clear vocal performance never muddied by mid-range instruments
Full-spectrum frequency sound is covered by the Hydra on top, with absolute clarity in the vocal mid-high range, plus our modified Atlas Pro for powerful directional bass. The compact alloy extendable boom that joins them includes neat internal wiring, so you can plug in your subwoofer with one cable and the entire system comes to life. Extending to a total height of two meters, the Alderwood quick release lock mechanism allows quick and easy setup, and with all parts billet machined from aerospace-grade alloys, the Pegasus is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use. The incredibly small visual footprint of the Hydra mid/high unit disappears from sightlines, yet provides incredible audio coverage, detail, and clarity. 


Perfect for musicians on the move
With an elevated bass performance in the 40-100hz range, this PA is all you need for large sound in outdoor spaces without any additional subwoofers. As a turnkey portable system configured internally with simple crossovers and gentle signal limiting, set it up with your favorite mixer and it's good to go. Plus, with a weight of 14kg, it won’t break your back.


Made to last, no matter where you take it
Rated for use in indoor or outdoor environments, unlike traditional PA systems using compression drivers the Pegasus is unaffected by high humidity or salt air environments.


Turn up the noise – without fear
Designed from the ground up to provide balanced and even projection of sound in both near- and far-field listening environments, while the Pegasus’ incredible constant throw means bass, midrange, and treble fall off at the same rate. With tonal balance maintained in both the near- and far-field, your listeners at the front won’t get blasted, while the listeners at the back will hear every word and sound perfectly.


Designed for business
Created for absolute accuracy in vocal and instrument reproduction, the Pegasus is also designed to withstand the harsh conditions demanded by commercial usage. Featuring our maintenance free drivers. High-efficiency thermal management systems ensure your Pegasus provides a lifetime of great audio

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, the Pegasus is made to last
Like all of our products, the Pegasus is made from the finest birch timber available. Plus, all our timber is FSC approved, meaning a sustainable environment for all of us, for longer.


Not sure what speaker would suit you best? Give us a call on 0419 097 092 to discuss your requirements.



Amplifier Power  

800W LF  250W mid/high

Sensitivity @ 1Mtr


Frequency Range



Mid-High 180/120 deg H/V

Bass Cardioid -4db rear

Input Connector

XLR in x1  XLR out x1

Operating temp

 -18 / +42 deg c


49cm x 29cm x 36.5cm SUB

+ Hydra + 1.5m Boom pole



Cabinet material

F17 rated birch ply

Environmental rating

IP 50


Black / Clear cube finish available

Driver Size Woofer/ Mid High

Dual 8 inch woofer, dual 2 inch extended range

Driver suspension surround

Butyl Rubber

Magnet assembly

High Temp Neodymium

Moving Mass Woofer / Mid High

34g x2   /   1.2g x2

Maximum cone excursion

Woofer 11mm  /  Mid/High 5.5mm


1.2 Tesla