Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer
Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer
Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer
Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer
Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer
Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer
Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer

Atlas Pro - Active Subwoofer

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A high-efficiency, dual 8-inch active subwoofer, the Atlas Pro is big on output yet compact and ultra-lightweight.

Atlas Pro Features

Symmetrical side porting system 
One of Alderwoods biggest breakthroughs in low-frequency efficiency, our symmetrical side porting system has a number of benefits over a traditional ported cabinet design.


High-Velocity airflow without the port noise 
Aerodynamic vanes guide the air through the sides of the cabinet allowing for much higher velocity airflow without the port turbulence normally seen in small ported enclosures, allowing us to keep our enclosure small without compromising performance 


Symmetrical cone damping
With a large port area covering the entire side walls pressure on the driver is loaded evenly across the face of the cone as it moves in and out eliminating voice coil flex commonly seen in enclosures with ports only located on one side of the driver, this uneven pressure load causes driver instability at high output levels and in some cases voice coil scuffing against magnets.

Passive directional bass
With no need for extra drivers for rear pattern control, the Atlas Pro boasts up to a -4db reduction in rear bass radiation, keeping the bass focused on the audience  

Versatility to suit your needs
Features include a built-in adjustable delay for quick-time alignment to other speakers; pass-through to connect additional subwoofers or amplifiers; adjustable phase and crossover points so you can match the subwoofer perfectly to the rest of your audio system; and adjustable settings for highpass and bass-cut filters at different frequencies and crossover slopes to set exactly as you like. Plus, all these features are accessible through a simple LCD screen interface.

Strong, small and lightweight
Weighing only 12kg with a convenient carry handle on the top the Atlas Pro is easy to move around. Like all of our products it’s made from the finest birch timber available. All of our timber is from FSC approved manufacturers meaning a sustainable environment for all of us, for longer.


Not sure what speaker would suit you best? Give us a call on 0419 097 092 to discuss your requirements.



Power Handling


Sensitivity @ 1Mtr


Frequency Range

32 - 500hz user adjustable


Cardioid -4db rear

Input Connector

XLR x 2, RCA x 2



49cm x 29cm x 36.5cm



Cabinet material

F17 rated birch ply

Environmental rating


Colours (custom colours are available on request)



Driver size

Dual 8 inch woofer

Driver suspension surround

Butyl Rubber

Magnet assembly

High Temp Neodymium

Moving mass

34 gram

Maximum cone excursion


Magnetic circuit weight



1.2 Tesla