ATLAS PRO - active subwoofer
ATLAS PRO - active subwoofer
ATLAS PRO - active subwoofer
ATLAS PRO - active subwoofer
ATLAS PRO - active subwoofer
ATLAS PRO - active subwoofer

ATLAS PRO - active subwoofer

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A high efficiency dual 8 inch, active subwoofer, big on output yet compact and ultra lightweight 

featuring our symmetrical side porting system, one of Alderwoods biggest breakthroughs in low frequency efficiency. which has a number of benefits over traditional ported cabinet design.

-high velocity airflow without the port turbulence. Allowing for smaller cabinet size without comprising performance.

-symmetrical cone damping allows for linear voice coil motion. For precise bass at high output levels.  

-36mm wall thickness for extra rigidity without loosing valuable internal air volume.

-passive directional bass, up to a -4db reduction in rear bass radiation, without the use of any dsp or extra drivers. Providing less wall vibrations when used in cinemas and less feedback issues for live sound applications.


A wide range of user adjustable features are available through the simple LCD screen interface.

Such as built in adjustable delay allowing for quick time alignment to other speakers. Pass through for connecting with more subwoofers or amplifiers, pass through function also has the added ability to set highpass/basscut filters at
different frequencies and different crossover slopes.

The subwoofer also allows you to adjust phase and crossover points to ensure you can match the subwoofer perfectly to the rest of your audio system.

(This active subwoofer does not power Eros cube speakers)


Not sure about what you need? Give us a call on 0419 097 092 to discuss your requirements.

 Frequency Response 

Dimensions HWD

49cm x 29cm x 36.5cm



Input/Output Connection

XLR x 2, RCA x 2

Frequency Range


Nominal Impedance


Sensitivity 1W/1M


Peak SPL



Cardioid  -4db rear


Dual long stroke 8 inch with 2inch copper voice coils



IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-18 – 42 degrees C