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A high power 8-inch Subwoofer, excellent sonic fidelity and rapid response makes the Atlas fantastic for reproducing details that are often missed by larger subwoofers.

Capable of filling large areas with rich smooth bass this discreetly sized subwoofer is packed with features that make this sub the go to for a wide range of commercial/pro audio and house of worship applications.

A wide range of features adjusted through our simple LCD screen interface

Such as built in adjustable delay allowing for quick time alignment to other speakers. Pass through for connecting with more subwoofers or amplifiers, pass through function also has the added ability to set highpass/basscut filters at
different frequencies and different slopes to suit installations where this may be needed.

The subwoofer also allows you to adjust phase and crossover points including slope to ensure you can match the subwoofer perfectly to the rest of your audio system.

(This subwoofer does NOT power EROS CUBE SATELLITES!)


Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm x 28cm. 10kg.