Our Story


Nestled in South West Victoria near the Twelve Apostles, a remarkable craftsman is producing world-class speakers by hand.

Based in Cobden, in a 113-year-old building  the town's historical picture theatre and public hall  each speaker is crafted out of instrument-grade birch timber, taking up to a month to be finished.

Scott Wilkinson, founder and designer of Alderwood, has had a passion for audio since he was a child, with a remarkable legacy in designing exceptional products.

Crafting his products at the boundary of possibility, Mr Wilkinson has developed a range of innovative technology. His most compelling designs include a water generator run by the power of the sun, a low-frequency demolition technology used as an alternative to explosives, and a compact, focused, long-range vocal communication technology.

The explosion of Alderwood onto the speaker scene created a shift in the possibilities of miniature speakers and rippled the traditional audio world. Their latest invention, the Eros PRO, is the most powerful speaker of its size in the world. 

Check out the Eros Pro here.

The company hand-picks the finest quality sheets of FSC approved timber and uses custom-designed CNC machines to precisely cut the material. Once this is completed, a long process of manually crafting the product begins. The entire process takes up to 30 days and is only approved for purchase once the product has passed Scott's stringent listening test and is hand-inspected for any visual imperfections.

Alderwood has achieved incredible things in a short time, gaining ground in the venue, home and boat industries. Their products have found their way into Government House, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Central, Federation Square, Lorbek Luxury Cars, Carolina Bar (Toorak Rd), accommodation spaces such as Arya in the Daylesford region and multi-award-winning Heytesbury House, along with community halls and homes all around the state of Victoria. They also export marine products to New Zealand.

Alderwood Speakers HQ, dubbed Alderwood Manor, is located only a short drive from the picturesque Great Ocean Road (56 Curdie Street, Cobden VIC). If the weather is shining you will find the doors wide open and soulful sounds spilling out onto the street. Scott welcomes the general public to venture in and hear the difference for themselves.

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