#BuyFromTheBush Director Social Media Post

My name is Scott Wilkinson and I am the founder of Alderwood Speakers.

In 2018 my wife and I purchased the towns old picture theatre, and took the leap of officially launching my lifelong dream of manufacturing an Australian made, high quality speaker company.

As you may know, in 2018 we also had the St Patrick’s Day fires. I won’t lie, at times it was tough. But Alderwood has managed to get speakers into some amazing spaces (Government House, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Central, Toorak Road bars, and even a multi award winning BnB) due to our high quality sound and our unique way that I have designed the products to combat rooms with difficult acoustics. Big sound, small footprint.

Our range of handcrafted products suit home theatre, venues, events, architectural spaces, outdoor and even marine applications.

Each product is handmade with instrument grade birch timber, and combined with the finest grade aluminium and/or brass fittings over a process that takes up to 30 days. All right here in Cobden, Victoria.

Please follow our story as we aim to grow to the point we can employ locals and diversify our local economy. If you would like more information about our products please visit www.alderwoodspeakers.com.au or send me an email sales@alderwoodspeakers.com.au